Perigee at Midwest Gaming ClassicTue, Apr 10, 2018Perigee is going to be showcased at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee this weekend (April 14th and 15th) in the indie games section. We'll be joined by many other indie developers from the area. It's going to be a lot of fun, so come find us!

Perigee Released on Steam!Wed, Feb 28, 2018Perigee, the space-based matter-shooting game, is now available on Steam! You can find your copy here. Alongside this release, the Android version of the game has been updated to add the new features present in the Steam version.
Perigee to Release on Steam - Feb 28thSat, Feb 24, 2018Perigee is set to release on the Steam platform at 9PM central time, February 28th. It'll be available here. At the same time, a small update will be issued to the Google Play version that is already available. Recently our friends at Daikon Media reviewed the game! Read all about it here.
iDock SimulatorThu, Feb 22, 2018We recently teamed up with Design Department of Racine, WI to produce an arcade-style cabinet. Dubbed the iDock Simulator, it showcases Evinrude's product by the same name. The iDock controller allows boaters to use a simple joystick to guide their boat into docking position with ease. Design Department produced the cabinet while Boejunda created the software running the simulator. It recently made it's premiere appearance at the Miami Boat Show in Florida on February 15th to good reception!